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Pharmaceutical formulation remains as much an art today as they have evolved into complex science. With exponential growth of generic formulations, the need for ready pharmaceutical formulation has increased. At Ayurlab herbals Pvt Ltd, we proudly meet or exceed our customers' quality standards by blending the concept of modern science the old age ancient knowledge. This milestone was achieved by Late Shri. Bhishagacharya Vaidya Ramesh Chandra K. Patwardhan by laying the foundation stone of Ayurlab Herbals Pvt Ltd in the year 1980 in the remote area of Timbi Patiya, Pavagadh Road, Halol,Gujarat Sate, INDIA.

Our main focus is on product quality and product development. We are a renowned ayurvedic pharmaceutical company, manufacturing and marketing a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations in all dosage forms i.e. Solid, Liquid and Parenteral forms. The quest for excellence would never cease and we look forward to strongly support the global challenge of achieving.

Ayurlab Herbals Pvt. Ltd. a limited liability company performs under the concept of HOLISM (whole), treats the patient’s body and mind as a whole, based on several research. All its formulations are based on HOLISTICS (Totalistic) principles and are manufactured by blending modern science with ancient wisdom.

AHPL successfully develop and market innovative products that improve, enhance and extend human life; and we pride ourselves on delivering total quality products at an affordable price

During this long span of more than two and half decades, Ayurlab has developed itself as a reputed pharmaceuticals company purely based on the most trusted research backed by its strength in sales and marketing through strong brand building across India and abroad.

Ayurlab has successfully emerged as a Pharma major in India and is currently in the process of internationalization. All the products are being manufactured with modern methods of analysis and research ensuring good quality and better efficacy. These formulations are in line with the three powerful procedures prescribed by Ayurveda. They are :

  • SHODHNA (De-toxication) : Removes impurities & toxins
  • MARDANA (Microgenisation) : Reduces particle size for better bioavailability of the drug and for better absorption & assimilation
  • BHAVANA : (Potencyfication) : Increases efficacy of the product

The herbs used in our products are cultivated & collected as per the guidelines prescribed by Ayurveda and preserved as per the principles mentioned in Modern Technology, retaining their properties for a longer period. We have wide product range rightly suitable to all age group i.e. from pediatric to geriatric. Clinical trials are regularly conducted on various products from different well known institutes and published in scientific national as well as international journals.

Our's R & D policy is based on the holistic approach to the treatment of diseases. Indepth research and quality control are the watch words here. Our company policy manifests itself in every facet of its R & D wing. In the quest to evolve error-free, safe medical formulas, the R & D center of the Company exercises utmost care researching old remedies and empirically validating their efficacy and safety before each formulation is finalized.

Our belief in ethical marketing is supported by our well qualified and trained field force with strong support of efficient marketing team. As training word itself denotes on going process, we are in regular practice to develop our people through different developing programs organized in the way of workshop through professionally managed people.

Having the recognized ISO:9001:2008 Certificate.(view Certificate) our products are well established and accepted by medical professionals and end users alike in Indian and International Markets.

Ayurlab’s dosage forms include:
  • Tablets
  • Liquid Oral Syrup
  • Granules
  • Powders
  • Capsules
  • Liniment

These dosage forms cover a number of therapeutic categories like Analgesics;Antipyretics; Anti-inflammatories; Antibiotics; Antirheumatics; Antihistamines; Expectorants; Diuretics; Antiulcers; Vitamins and Nutritional supplements.

The Directors believe that this growth has been driven principally by their marketing skills, customer focus, product ranges and developments, financial controls and extensive staff training. Ayurlab aims to service a much broader segment of the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets than many similarly sized pharmaceutical companies. It sells ethical (prescription) pharmaceuticals, non-prescription medicines, vitamins, minerals and supplements and a wide range of other healthcare products.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is 5000 years old science whose vision is " SWASTASYA SWASTA RAKSHANAM" AND "ATURASYA VIKARA PRASHAMANAM CHA". Ayurveda considers diseases a disequilibrium at the molecular level and restoration of that equilibrium as the objective of medicine. The tridosha( VATA, PITTA, KAPHA) concept is essentially a concept of molecular biology.

Today our understanding of health and disease has been profoundly extended by advances in molecular cell biology and recombinant DNA technology.

We appreciate that homeostatic is maintained among thye 70 trillion cells in human body through constant communication with each other through a diverse variety of signalling molecules (proteins, peptides , amino acid, amines etc and small molecules dissolved and diffusible gases like CO2,CO & NO).

Molecular pharmacology provides a new interface between Ayurveda & modern medicine. Based on experimental wisdom ' Charak, Susruta and vaghbhatta described 700 herbal drugs with their properties and clinical effects. Based on the clinical effects they described 50 categories of drugs such as appetizers, digestives, stimulants, laxatives, rejuvenators, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, analgesic etc.

Management Team

  1. Mr. Shailesh Patel (Managing Director - Plant & Operations)

    He looks after the Manufacturing Operations of the company. His Vision is to bring Ayurlab among the top herbal manufacturers of country.

    Contact Info:

    +91 70166 81188

  2. Mr. Madhukar Purohit (Director)

    Mr Madhukar Purohit has done his matrix from Vadodra & Takes care of the Supply Chain of the company. He believes in “TOGETHER WE CAN AND WE WILL”

Third Party & Loan license Manufacturer

We are manufacturing Job works of Herbal and Nutra Products in Tablet, Capsule, Syrup, Liniment, Granules etc, with third party license & Loan license.

We are working with,

Sr.no Company Name Place
1 Netal Neutratec (i) Pvt.Ltd Ahmedabad
2 Nutra Green (Bhagyashree Distributer) Pune
3 Kold Pharma Varansi
4 Aamorb Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd Indore
5 Megnet Labs Pvt.Ltd Meerut
6 Mexolin Cartel InC Vadodara
7 Swashtau Pharmaceuticals Ahmednagar
8 Voxan Pharma Jodhpur
9 Elan Pharm (I) Pvt.Ltd. Mumbai
10 Mercury Laboratories Ltd. Vadodara
11 Century Pharmacueticals Ltd. Vadodara
12 Centurion Healthcare Pvt.Ltd. Vadodara